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About Us

Olive Essences is a family run business with a community based ethos. Our shop is less than half a kilometre from our Olive Grove promoting low food kilometres and ethical production of a high quality product. Picking is an activity that results in community involvement and a sense of inclusion in the production of a local product.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of our main staples in the shop, but we also believe in providing holistic and ecological products that are free of toxins and chemicals that are harmful to our consumers. All our products are cruelty free. As pet owners and lovers of animals we embrace the philosophy of not testing products on animals.

All other products that fill out our range are sourced ethically from local companies or Australian owned companies keeping our investment in companies that also embrace our philosophies. These items include things like vegan soaps, bath and body products, organic baby products and food stuffs.

With Extra Virgin Olive Oil being such an important reason for creating our business we would like to share the types of Olives we grow and some of the benefits of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil we produce.

VERDALE Olive's are commonly grown in the Mediterranean and are also know as 'Verdial”
MISSION Olive's were developed in California by the Spanish Missions.
FRANTOIO Olive's are grown in Tuscany and are an extremely adaptable and diverse fruit.
KALAMATA Olive's are grown off the Greek coast. They are an excellent table Olive and are one of the most popular.
KORONEKI Olive's are among the best in the world and are found mainly in the coastal area's of Crete.

We have a small amount of trees which are over 140 years of age providing us with some of the best oil produced in the region. All the above mentioned varieties are blended in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil giving it a unique flavour.

We purchased the property over a decade ago having found the health benefits of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, embracing the Coastal lifestyle of the wine region and a Mediterranean diet. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in healthy mono-unsaturated fats and contains large amounts of anti-oxidants. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and evidence suggests it may prevent stroke and protect against heart disease. Good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil boosts circulation and it is the secret weapon in the weight loss battle. It also is a Diabetes deterrent as it regulates and balances our insulin levels. Extra Virgin Olive Oil also contains Oleocanthal which is an anti-inflammatory agent that can assist with chronic diseases and associated pain relief.

Further research is being done on the qualities of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with regard to anti-ageing, osteoporosis and skin damage, both via consumption and also application. As a mono-unsaturated fat it is believed to prevent or slow cognitive decline as in Alzheimers or Dementia promoting mental agility. With one of the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants it strengthens and protects the immune system and helps the body resist infection as it contains important anti-oxidants not found in other oils. These qualities also maintain a body that operates smoothly, promoting stomach, pancreas and intestinal health. Further information on documented health benefits can be found under Categories – Health Benefits on the Home Page.

We also stock beautiful organic products for babies and young children. In pregnancy Extra Virgin Olive Oil application can help avoid stretch marks and consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil may improve unborn babies psycho-motor reflexes.

Research has also proven good quality oils help us live longer as they prevent and reduce the impact of so many diseases.

Another important point concerning the production of our product is we aim to have an extremely low carbon footprint as our Oil travels less than ten kilometres from picking, to pressing, to production to our shop and to you our valued clients.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is high quality, tastes good and is good for you.


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24 Old Coach Rd, Aldinga, SA, 5173
Ph: 0417 170 364